Our Packaging

Modern Yard believes in delivering its order with great handle and care. Thus, it ensures that none of its products get broken during shipping and delivery by adopting a four layer packaging. These products are packaged out using multi-layer form, corrugated boxes, thermocol and tapes.

Step 1: Four Ply Foam

Before placing the glassware in the box, each piece is wrapped in a four ply foam. This layer fixes the glass and protects it from any type of collision inside the main box of glassware.

Step 2: Five ply Corrugated Box

The main is then placed inside the corrugated box which is made up of five layers of cardboard making it undamageable during shipments.Β 

Step 3: Layering the corrugated box with thermocol

Before placing the main box, a thick sheet of thermocol is placed inside the corrugated box. Then after placing the box inside, thermocol is layers on all sides around the main box.

Step 4: Taping the Packaging

Whole package is then tapped with 2 inches wide tape, which helps in securing the packing tightly. At last, Fragile tape is being put in to ensure that the delivering company handles the package with care while shipping the product.